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No matter what you want to call them every one needs a Bud Tray, Weed Tray,
Joint Rolling Tray, My Rolling Tray, Your Rolling Tray either way. Just buy
a Dr. J's Rolling Tray Today.

Our hand made Marijuana Rolling Trays are an ideal gift for the pot head in
your family. Most of us are tired of having our weed (or our partner's
weed) cluttering up the coffee table. With our attached storage tin you
have a place to keep your stash and all the required tools to successfully
roll bigger and better joints. Rolling doobie's has never been so easy and
organized. Stop wasting your time and your medicinal marijuana today. It's
tough being a stoner, buy a Dr. J's Rolling Tray today and save your weed
(and your time).

All of our trays include the attached storage tin with scissors, rolling
papers, baggies, stickers and our custom poker. Grinders and lighters are
not included. All you need is the weed. Enjoy.