Dr. J’s Rolling Trays must be cared for similar to a ferarri, a child, a bonsai or beautiful woman. Do not use as an ash tray. enjoy responsibly. Do not partake in illegal activities, obey the law & always remember to call your mom on mothers day. Do not use tray while driving or operating machinery as it may very well distract you. Visit your medical dr. to make sure this product is right for you and always take care.

Our trays are made from solid wood. It is in a natural and organic state. All wood is prone to movement, and changes in appearance, due to seasonal weather.

  • Please do not expose to high heat, or extreme dampness, or leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • All trays are susceptible to drying out a little over time, and one can apply a small amount of mineral oil, or beeswax in a paste form at any time.
  • Simply rub on, let it soak in and buff off the excess with a clean dry cloth. Same idea as caring for wooden salad bowls or cutting boards.
  • Clapham’s Salad bowl finish is the best. Can be found at Lee Valley Tools.